Sunday, November 11, 2007

Blue Max

Blue Max

Back when George Peppard the actor passed on, my mother said Breakfast at Tiffany's was his best film. I had to smile and say, no no no, The Blue Max!

It was one of the better war movies. There was actually a plot to it, quite a good one. There were also some good lines, a few of which come to mind -

Katie: By now he's with the Countess Von Herlig, on my right at dinner. They play war games together!

Willie: Well, you've certainly caught my uncle's attention.
Bruno: Attention from high places is always welcome.

Katie: Look at Willie! The Blue Max will go splendidly with his eyes.
General: Yes, he is rather vain. He'll probably wear it to bed.
Katie: How uncomfortable for the girl!

Willie: We are about to honour your dead. Aren't you coming?
Bruno: When they kill me, I don't want anybody to salute.
Willie: They probably wont.

General: (to Willie) It's a very small medal, but the highest award Germany can give.

On a visit to the local war museum, there was a medals section, and of course I had to see if they had a Blue Max. They did and it really is a very small medal. Pour le merite. Well, ... as DC used to end their comic book war stories, Make war no more.

Have a good Remembrance Day.